Getty Images and Google Announce a New Partnership
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Getty Images & Google announce new partnership 
Last year, we rallied you, our contributor community, to support a competition complaint we lodged with the European Commission concerning anti‑competitive concerns with Google Inc. We want to thank you for your support. Thousands of you lent your voices to this fight over the past several years, supporting us as we lobbied industry regulators in the US and EU.

We believe our combined strength has been instrumental and today we are pleased to announce that after working cooperatively with Google over the past months, our concerns are being recognized and we have withdrawn our complaint.

Google has worked closely with us to address many issues raised by Getty Images around Google Images, the image search functionality of Google. Moving forward, Google has agreed to make changes in Image Search, including making the copyright disclaimer more prominent and removing the view image button. This is a benefit to all image owners globally and we expect this to have a positive impact on traffic to our site.

In addition, we're announcing that Getty Images and Google have embarked on a global strategic partnership that will see deeper integration of Getty Images’ world class imagery across Google’s suite of products and services. We will work closely with Google to improve attribution of our contributors' work and grow the ecosystem.

We are encouraged by Google’s approach to address our concerns and believe that with your help, we have fought for a fair and respectful marketplace for content creators around the world. We believe our approach to work closely with Google will best protect copyright and the livelihoods of photographers, and other artists who rely on licensing to earn a living and fund the creation of new works.

This is a significant milestone, but we know that other battles remain. We thank you for your continued support; we'll continue to uphold creatives’ rights and safeguard intellectual property ensuring that content and its creators are respected.

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